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Fathers’ Rights in Arizona


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Phoenix family law attorney Ron ThomasThe role of the father in American society is constantly changing, and in many cases, fathers are taking on increasing amounts of parenting responsibility. As such, the courts are placing greater emphasis on allowing fathers to have custody and visitation with their children. However, there is still discrimination; as such, a father seeking custody needs an experienced Phoenix Arizona father’s rights lawyer to be his advocate. As a father himself, Mr. Thomas fully understands the stress and uncertainty with which you may be dealing.

Paternity, child support and custody in Arizona

Fathers face many issues when the law gets involved in their parental rights and responsibilities. In some cases, a father may want to prove that he has a right to visit and care for his child. In other cases, a man may seek to prove that he is not the father to a child. Paternity is a major factor in Arizona family law cases, and the Phoenix Arizona father’s rights attorney you hire must be well versed in paternity law.

  • 2023 Client Champion - Ronald V Thomas copyIf paternity is not established, you are not responsible for child support. Unfortunately, you will also not have any guaranteed right to visit the child or share custody. It is best to seek a paternity ruling as soon as possible
  • Under Arizona Revised Statute 25-812 you may voluntarily acknowledge paternity or seek a court order that establishes you as the biological father.

There is a presumption of paternity if any of the following apply:

  • The man in question and woman were married to each other within the last 10 months
  • The purported father signed the child’s birth certificate
  • Genetic testing establishes fatherhood with at least 95% certainty

Arizona fathers' rights attorney Ron Thomas

In most cases, both biological parents are responsible for the child’s health and well-being. Even if you do not have actual, physical custody of the child, you may seek legal decision-making authority, and you will probably have at least some financial responsibility as well. Legal decision-making power is incredibly important because it allows the father a role in deciding how the child should be raised. A Phoenix Arizona father’s rights lawyer can help you strike the appropriate balance of legal and physical custody. Call the Thomas Law Office to discuss your rights today.


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