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Do Women And Men View Divorce And Parenting Differently?

This is not really a legal issue but a psychological one. Attorney Ronald Thomas handles very complicated cases involving allegations of abuse, neglect, alienation, and other severe matters. In most of these cases, mothers on the other side are often seem determined to keep the child from the father at all costs. They sometimes do this for monetary reasons. Other times they do it to get back at the father because he offended them in some way, perhaps by cheating.

Then there are mothers who are simply narcissists or psychopaths who enjoy the gamesmanship. They can be referred to as the “evil ones.” Even in more routine or bland cases, women can be quite reluctant to relinquish the control they may have enjoyed during the relationship in matters pertaining to the children.

The general scenario tends to be that when the parents are residing together, the mother mostly handles the caretaking duties, while the father mostly handles the financial duties. However, this does not mean that fathers don’t want to be involved or are not as capable as mothers in caring for their children. To the contrary, when men go through a divorce or separation from the child’s mother, they often pour that same energy and work ethic into taking care of their children that they had expended on their careers.

Most men represented in custody battles tend to be some of the kindest, most considerate, dedicated fathers out there. The ones who don’t care the ones who give in and don’t fight. When men go through divorces or separations, after they get over the psychological loss of the relationship, they tend to be very cooperative and businesslike in dealing with their exes. On the other hand, it seems that women have a harder time backing off from the bitterness even after they get over the loss of the relationship.

In most cases, Attorney Ronald Thomas teaches his clients how to communicate with the mothers in a way that minimizes conflict. He also shows them other things to help minimize the chances that they will end up back in court many times with petty disputes because they are having a hard time reasoning with the child’s mother.

Are There Benefits For Filing For Divorce Before Your Wife Does?

Who files first can be an important component of an effective case. A good attorney would generally prefer to file first, to set the tone of the case. This is because the filing party gets to go first at trial, and they can gain an advantage by causing the other side to feel defensive and begin reacting to what was said instead of offensively addressing their own issues in their own way.

It’s human nature to want to respond to allegations first, before setting forth your own case, because we don’t like being attacked. However, in roughly half the cases, the responding party contacts the office of Ronald Thomas with a case that has already been filed by the other spouse or parent. Most attorneys are more or less comfortable being in either position, but most experienced attorneys will agree that it is best to be representing the filing party.

The more important question is when to file the case. Timing of the filing of the case is an important aspect of case strategy. There are times when you should hold off on filing. There are other times when you need to move swiftly. There are still other times when it really doesn’t matter. These are topics that are often addressed with clients during the initial consultation.

Some people with moderate to complicated cases try to handle the case on their own. They may have obtained misinformation that they can handle it almost as effectively as if they were represented. That is almost always false. A few hours of reading information on the web is not going to make a person capable of putting on a great case before the judge.

Many times, the information people read on the internet is false if it’s coming from a non-attorney. The timing of when to file is a great example. Some cases should never have been filed as quickly as they had been filed. Conversely, there are cases where the person waited far too long to proceed and suffered negative consequences because of it.

There are lots of other tactical and strategic aspects of a case that you most likely will not know about unless you are an attorney with lots of experience and a good track record in the relevant practice area. That’s why it is advised to contact an experienced divorce attorney to handle your case instead of taking a stab at self-representation; too much is on the line.

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