Men’s Divorce Lawyer & Father’s Rights Attorney

Historically, men have been treated unfairly in divorce and custody matters. Men were expected to pay spousal support to their ex-wives, often without fully considering the wife’s earning capacity. Mothers were also routinely granted primary custody, without considering the desires or capabilities of the father.

As a Phoenix fathers’ rights divorce lawyer and men’s rights attorney, attorney Ron Thomas stands up for fathers in divorce, custody, support, and paternity matters. Call our firm today or complete the contact form to learn how Ron can tenaciously defend your rights.



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Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney Ron Thomas


Divorce and custody matters are difficult. I’ll be by your side to help you get through this.


Tenacious Advocacy Through Every Step Of The Process

Man going through divorce sitting on side of bed with head in hands.

Men’s Divorce Lawyer

As a Phoenix men’s divorce lawyer with over two decades of experience, Mr. Thomas tenaciously represents men in divorce cases, including those involving child custody and visitation, alimony and support, paternity, and property division.

Father giving son a piggyback ride.

Fathers’ Child Custody Attorney

Thomas Law Office is an Arizona father’s child custody law firm that has worked to protect the rights of fathers since 1996. Our firm tenaciously fights to protect fathers’ rights in child custody, support, and visitation matters.

One young sad adult man sitting alone on wooden bench. Thinking about life. Side view.

Paternity Lawyer for Dads

As a paternity lawyer for dads, Mr. Thomas provides men with legal assistance when faced with issues relating to paternity and child custody, including DNA testing, obtaining court orders, and defending men’s rights as fathers.

concerned man talking on the phone

Child Support Attorney for Men

As a Phoenix child support attorney, Attorney Ron Thomas helps fathers of all backgrounds and income levels defend their legal rights to be able to provide for their children without the stress and frustration of an unfair child support system.

Carefree grandparents piggybacking their joyful grandkids in the front yard.

Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

If you are a grandparent who has been denied access to your grandchildren, a grandparents’ rights lawyer can help. We specialize in helping grandparents assert their legal rights to visitation, custody, and guardianship.

man and woman talking in a restaurant

Divorce Mediation Lawyer

At Thomas Law Office, our dedicated team guides men through the legal processes of Arizona divorce mediation. With a solid understanding of the male perspective, we help men make strategic, informed decisions with their best interests in mind.

premarital agreement and gold pen

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Prenuptial agreements are powerful tools that can protect individuals from future liability and help avoid contentious disputes. We help construct prenuptial agreements that insulate clients from adverse financial ramifications in the event of divorce.

Stressed man sitting in front of computer.

Property Division Lawyer

As an experienced property division lawyer, Attorney Thomas helps parties divide assets and debts during divorce. Working directly with clients, he listens to their objectives and works through the legal implications of their unique situations.

We Stand With Dads

Attorney Ronald Thomas is a divorce attorney dedicated to men’s rights. He believes in the right of everyone, regardless of gender, to be treated fairly in the courtroom, and it is his passion to see men treated equally to women in the courtroom.

As an experienced litigator with thousands of courtroom hearings and trials over almost three decades of my career, Attorney Thomas will not hesitate to go to trial if that is what is needed to obtain the best possible outcome.

We are available when needed to help you understand your options and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible during your case. We will be there for you. Lean on us to get you through this messy situation.

We are dedicated to providing men with an honest, straightforward assessment of their case-and then fighting as hard as we can in seeking a favorable result that meets their objectives.

At Thomas Law Office, we can handle your entire case remotely, if necessary. We have had great feedback regarding the efficiency and flexibility of interacting with clients by telephone and video as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, sometimes. My representation of women typically involves cases where a father has little interest in seeing his child or has been truly abusive toward the child or his wife. I may also accept other cases from women after careful screening. However, my clientele is usually 90% male.

In Arizona, the family court system operates under the principle of “no-fault” divorce, meaning that the reason for a divorce, including infidelity or cheating, is typically not considered when determining property division or child custody.

However, it is worth noting that in some cases, evidence of infidelity or cheating may be used to challenge the credibility or fitness of a parent in a custody dispute, especially if it is shown that the behavior had a negative impact on the child. Further, if an individual used marital assets to finance their affair, this could impact the amount that the cheating spouse receives in property division and spousal support matters.

Yes. In Arizona, both parents have equal rights when it comes to child custody matters. The state’s family court system essentially operates under the presumption that joint legal decision-making and equal parenting time is in the best interests of a child, unless there is evidence to the contrary.