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Parental Alienation in Arizona


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PARENTAL ALIENATION A problem some fathers face, and a problem we have lots of experience handling effectively for our clients, is when the mother alienates the child from the father. Here are some typical behaviors that are considered to be parental alienation, especially if multiple such behaviors can be proved:

  • Telling the child the father does not love the child
  • Telling the child the father is not paying child support
  • Telling the child the father was abusive to the mother
  • Telling the child the father is an alcoholic or drug abuser
  • Telling the child the father is stupid, mean, lazy, or incompetent
  • Ridiculing the father in front of the child
  • Using profane words to describe the father
  • Depriving the father of parenting time
  • Accusing the father have having abused the child
  • Accusing the father of having abused the mother
  • Coaching the child how to say bad things about the father
  • Encouraging the child to defy the father
  • Second-guessing the father’s decisions
  • Coaching the child to lie about the father
  • Brainwashing the child into thinking the father is a bad person
  • Punishing the child for telling the father anything negative about the mother
  • Punishing the child for talking nicely about the father
  • Relocating to make it harder for you to see your child

There are many other examples but these are just some of the more common ways mothers will engage in parental alienation tactics. If you suspect the mother is poisoning your child’s mind against you, you need to act swiftly and obtain assistance from an attorney who has ample experience in this very complex niche area of family law. We have a variety of ways to expose the behaviors and have the child’s mother held accountable for this despicable kind of behavior. Children are precious and innocent, and they should not be psychologically damaged by a narcissistic and/or psychopathic mother.Contact us immediately if you believe your child is being alienated against you. Do not wait. Every day that goes by, more damage is being done to your child. Time is of the essence.

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One of the things we can do to help you expose the parental alienation and have the mother punished for it is to put you in touch with psychological experts who are able to diagnose and expose parental alienation. Often, fathers make the mistake of relying on court-appointed experts. Such experts may or may not be experiences with, let alone familiar with, diagnosing and treating parental alienation. You need to spend the money to get the job done right by a private expert who can take the time to, and who has the know-how to, offer a professional opinion to the judge that the mother is poisoning the child’s mind against the child’s own father.

You must be prepared to get ready for a long, hard fight. You must be prepared to spend the money it takes to save your child from this mental abuse. This will not be easy but if you commit to working with us by expending the energy and money to see the process through, far more often than not you are going to look back one day and realize what a great decision you made to use an effective advocate who is knowledgeable about and experienced with successfully combating parental alienation.

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