Ronald V. Thomas


  • J.D. – Southwestern University of Law, 1996
  • Clerkship – Honorable David Schacter of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, 1996
  • Clerkship – Law Office of Carl D. Barnes in Los Angeles, California, 1995
  • B.A. in Psychology – University of Southern California, 1993

Bar Admissions

  • United States Supreme Court, 2001
  • District of Columbia, 2000
  • Maryland, 2000
  • United States District Court in Maryland, 2000
  • Massachusetts, 1999
  • United States District Court in Arizona, 1997
  • Arizona, 1996

Attorney Ronald V. Thomas was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. Mr. Thomas always wanted to be an attorney. He felt compelled to speak the truth and advocate for others. Mr. Thomas has also always had a deep interest in psychology and persuasion. After high school, Mr. Thomas earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Southern California, and then a law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. After graduating from law school in 1996 Mr. Thomas moved to Arizona to establish his own law practice.

Arizona fathers' rights attorney Ron ThomasThroughout law school and early in his career, Mr. Thomas worked on a variety of case types to quickly obtain lots of courtroom experience. During law school, for instance, he clerked for, and worked closely with, the lead trial attorney at a high-volume personal injury law office in Los Angeles, California. Clerking for the law firm, Mr. Thomas gained invaluable research skills and practical information about effectively fighting for his future clients. Mr. Thomas also clerked for a prominent Los Angeles Superior Court judge who mentored Mr. Thomas when he was a law student. During his time as a law clerk for the trial judge, Mr. Thomas assisted the judge on several high-profile cases involving Hollywood actors, movie studios, and international corporations.

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Over the course of his career, Mr. Thomas has represented thousands of clients in countless hearings and trials, with a remarkable success rate. Mr. Thomas also has achieved favorable settlements and creative non-trial outcomes for clients.

Mr. Thomas quickly developed a passion for fathers’ and men’s rights in family court. He was trained under one of the nation’s leading fathers’ rights attorneys and president of a national men’s rights organization. He was taught various tools, tactics, and techniques for representing fathers and husbands facing daunting battles in family court, a place that some say is not a favorable place for males. Mr. Thomas enjoys the sometimes uphill battle of achieving victory for men in family court cases.

Mr. Thomas also served as a Judge Pro Tempore of the Maricopa County Superior Court from 2010 to 2014, presiding over hearings and settlement conferences. Mr. Thomas has been active in bar associations and national legal organizations.

After practicing law for a couple of years in a wide variety of areas, Mr. Thomas narrowed the scope of his practice to focus almost exclusively on family law cases. In family law cases, Mr. Thomas primarily represents men going through divorce, child custody disputes, and related matters. Mr. Thomas is one of the top father’s rights lawyers in Arizona, and zealously protects the rights of men in divorce and custody cases. However, he is also a fierce advocate for others who may be involved in family law cases and feel like they are in the underdog position, including wives, mothers, and grandparents. Mr. Thomas has a passion for also protecting the rights of grandparents, whether maternal or paternal grandparents. Mr. Thomas had a close relationship with all four of his late grandparents and understands the great importance of grandparents to the family structure.

Mr. Thomas also enjoys helping people who are facing financial difficulties and want relief from creditors. Bankruptcy is often the only or best way to erase debt. Mr. Thomas loves watching his clients feel that great sense of relief when their debt is erased. He strongly believes that most people who file for bankruptcy protection are good people who had bad things happen to them. It is rewarding to see them get a fresh financial start. Although bankruptcy is a much smaller part of Mr. Thomas’s practice, he welcomes those in need of financial relief from creditors.

  • Former Judge Pro Tempore of Maricopa County Superior Court, 2010-2014
  • American Bar Association
  • North Phoenix Bar Association
  • Maricopa County Bar Association
  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
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