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If you are a man, you need a lawyer who understands how to represent men effectively. At Thomas Law Office, most of our clients are men. We understand the concerns men have and the fact that they are often financial targets by greedy soon-to-be ex-wives. We have techniques to help you minimize the chance of major financial damage.

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If you are contemplating divorce or have been served with divorce papers in Arizona, I invite you to call my office at (602) 788-1395 to schedule a consultation. As an experienced men’s divorce lawyer, I can discuss the particular circumstances of your case, explain your legal options, and tenaciously advocate for the outcome you desire.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Men's Divorce Attorney Ronald Thomas Standing OutsideAs a men’s divorce attorney in Phoenix, I handle a wide range of divorce matters that are specific to men. Some of the divorce matters that I handle include:

  • High Asset Divorce. If an individual has significant assets, the divorce can be challenging and require specialized legal expertise. I help men seek to protect their financial interests in high-asset divorces.
  • Child Custody and Support. Child custody and support are often contentious issues during divorce proceedings. At Thomas Law Office, we advocate for the rights of our clients as parents and seek the custody and support arrangements best for them.
  • Alimony | Spousal Maintenance. Spousal support is another issue that often arises in Arizona divorce matters. As a men’s rights attorney, I am tenacious in negotiating for an alimony agreement acceptable for my clients, and if this cannot be achieved though negotiation or mediation, then I am well-prepared for aggressively protecting my clients in trial. .
  • Property Division. Property division is a major point of contention in many marriage dissolutions. As a dedicated divorce attorney for men, I tenaciously seek to protect client assets and interests in property division matters.
  • Divorce Mediation and Litigation. Even when a divorce proceeds through mediation, it is advisable for the parties to have independent representation. I advocate for client objectives in divorce mediation and litigation, seeking to ensure that their rights are protected.
  • Paternity. If there are questions regarding the paternity of a child, I can provide guidance on how to confirm whether a child is a biological child and additional steps that should be taken to enforce your parental rights.
  • Divorce Modification. If a divorce agreement needs to be modified due to a change in circumstances, our dedicated men’s rights team can help pursue a modification.

As a divorce lawyer for men with almost three  decades of legal practice, most of my practice is focused on advocating for men against some of the historical biases in divorce and custody matters. .

Yes.  This means that you do not need to allege any specific instance of marital misconduct (like adultery) when seeking a divorce.


This means that even if your wife behaved badly during the marriage by giving you lots of grief, sleeping around behind your back, not supporting you emotionally, contributing little to the marriage financially, and engaging in other disappointing behaviors, the judge will not care one bit when it comes to determining how to divide the assets or debts – usually, the assets that you worked so hard for and debts that she incurred for her own pleasure.


If your wife did not work during the marriage, the judge may even make you pay your wife lots of money in spousal maintenance (alimony). That just adds salt to your wound! But there are ways of mitigating the damage, and that is how we can help you. We love combating greedy wives (or occasionally husbands, as we do not discriminate despite the fact that most of our clients are men; indeed, we zealously protect ALL clients regardless of gender) and finding ways to reduce how much she can squeeze out of your pockets.

If you are a husband going through a divorce and you also have children with your wife, things could get even worse. She could take your children away from you or greatly minimize the time you get to see your own children. You could even be married to a psychopath or narcissist. We have lots of experience dealing with such psychological types. Luckily, judges are catching up to these modern times and are giving fathers more parenting time with their kids than they ever used to. It is not uncommon anymore for fathers to share equal parenting time with their children. I am delighted to see fathers receive lots of parenting time. A father’s role is very important in a child’s life, which is something we know intuitively, but studies have confirmed the numerous benefits to a child who has an active, loving, involved father.


However, if you have a wife who will stoop to whatever level she needs to in order to extract more child support money from you, she could place a number of  traps in front of you, and too many men fall right into these  traps, resulting in an impaired relationship with their own children. Here at Thomas Law Office, we are passionate about Father’s Rights. We are well-known as one of the few father’s rights law firms in Arizona. We are savvy at using particular techniques to maximize your chances of having at least equal time with your children, which is what most fathers want.

While hiring an experienced divorce attorney is not a legal requirement if a marriage dissolution is uncontested, it is still advisable to consider seeking legal advice from a divorce lawyer, particularly if your matter involves complex legal issues, a stubborn or unscrupulous wife, or substantial assets.


Even in an uncontested divorce, there may be legal aspects that an individual may need guidance regarding. As an experienced men’s divorce attorney, I can help you understand your rights and obligations under Arizona law and ensure that all necessary legal documents are prepared and filed correctly. I can also help negotiate and draft a comprehensive settlement agreement that addresses all relevant issues, such as property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support.


While it may be possible to handle an uncontested divorce without assistance, the guidance and expertise of a men’s rights divorce attorney can help ensure that the process is completed smoothly, efficiently, and with your best interests in mind. It may be penny wise but dollar foolish to attempt to handle this on your own.

We’ve seen it all too often: wives going for the jugular financially when divorce time comes. Every nickel and every dime are vigorously pursued. Don’t be a victim! Be prepared and protected by retaining an attorney who is skilled at defending and advocating for men in Arizona divorce cases. Men have rights, too, and those rights need to be protected and utilized! Call our office to learn how I will tenaciously work for you.

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