Our conversation today was extremely helpful, and I will take all the advice you have given me and try to apply it to my situation. Hopefully I won’t need to contact you again about this but in the event I need family law services in the future, you’ll be my first call.

— D.K.

Ron, overall, very satisfied with this (expected) result …. We’ve had a streak of general success lately: 1) Motion to Seal was a WIN; 2) Parenting Time was a WIN; 3) This ruling today is a WIN. Thanks so much for all the great work over the last 25 months! Let me know the next steps ….

— S.L

I highly recommend Ron Thomas. He did a fantastic job representing me. I was very nervous about this emotional process but Ron calmed me down and explained everything to me and made sure that I understood everything. He was patient with me. He answered all my questions, he responded quickly to all my calls and emails, even on the weekend or in the evenings. He followed up and made sure I was aware of what the next step was as we went through the legal process. Everything went exactly as I wanted it to. I was very impressed. The judge could find nothing wrong with my case. It went very quickly, just as he promised me it would. Ron provided great service to me and he treated me with respect. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. I have nothing negative to say about him at all. I’ve had attorneys represent me before but Ron was by far the best one, without a doubt.

— K.H.

Thank you again for everything sir! I will be going everywhere online to put a great review for you. You did a truly amazing job, Ron, and we got everything we asked for. Everything that mattered. I do appreciate all the time you put in my case! Thank you again!

— D.D.

I want to thank you for consulting with me in regards to my lawsuit. That last piece of information you gave me was vital to my case. I would definitely call you again, should I have to and would highly recommend you. You have been one of the only attorneys I have dealt with that showed patience, a listening ear, and answered clearly, slowly, and concisely regarding my questions and concerns.

— G.B.

Thank you for the great result, for caring about my situation, and for always returning my calls right away. I hope I don’t need legal services again but if I do, you will be the first person I call.

— J.G.

You are still the master of the rules of evidence.

— Colleague

I received a call from X with Judge Y’s office today. X said you are a good attorney and have worked with Judge Y with good results.

— A.H.

Thank you for taking my case. You did an awesome job and I could not be happier.

— M.J.

Mr. Thomas, thank you for everything – we’d have been lost without your help.

— K

Ron you have been a great help and made this whole mess go very well. I know you in a better sense of the words saved my ass and I thank you for that! I will recommend you to anyone I know that has to go through this nightmare called Divorce.

— J.F.

Thank you, Ron, for everything you have done for me!

— A.C.

Thank you for all the kindness to us.

— L.M.

He’s the best! Do exactly what he tells you to do!

— A.B.

The other side never saw you coming. You did a great job on my case. I’ve told many of my friends and my own clients they should see you for their divorce and custody battles.

— M.T.

I would highly recommend him. He did a fabulous job.

— M.M.

Your advice was fantastic. Thank you so very much.

— W.P.

My brother was appreciative of your help and thinks highly of you. My parents were set at ease when you met them by the window and gave them a thumbs up kind of assessment (after trial). And I am of course extremely grateful for how attentive and open-minded you have been in my brother’s unique case. Thanks for understanding the depth and gravity of his situation. I know everyone talks about all the money lawyers make and joke about this and that, but you were a key component in my brother’s life. We called October 22nd his Independence Day! You’re part of a much bigger thing than just a legal case and the extra hours and extra effort are not sized up in a monetary balance. Thanks again Ron.

— A.H.