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How Are Parenting Plan Schedules And Details Worked Out?

Who Works Out The Specific Schedule And Details For The Parenting Plan? If the parents can agree on a parenting time schedule, the judge will usually sign off on it. There are certain things that are required to be in...

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Can Someone Lose Their Home If They File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

A person can lose their home if they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. But don’t panic. In Arizona, it is rare to see a person lose his home because he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This is because...

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Why is The Hearing Held In Front Of A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee?

There is a hearing in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. It is referred to as the “Meeting of Creditors.” The name of this hearing makes it sound worse than it is. It is actually a very easy process. Creditors rarely...

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What Kind Of Debt Gets Wiped Out In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Most debt can be erased in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The standard kinds of debts that are erased in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy include credit card debt, medical debt, personal loans, auto repossession debt, real estate deficiency debt, most “old”...

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Can I Get Divorced In Arizona If I Got Married Elsewhere In The U.S.?

Even if you did not get married in Arizona, you can get divorced in Arizona if you are a resident of Arizona. However, the divorce judge may not have jurisdiction over all the issues in your case. For example, if...

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Do Children Have Any Say In Custody Matters?

In Arizona, At What Age Does A Child’s Preference Factor In To The Custody Decision? In Arizona, either parent can request that the child be interviewed, or the judge can order that the child be interviewed. The child most likely...

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Which Court Will My Divorce Case Be Filed In Arizona?

In an Arizona divorce case where the parties both reside in this state, the divorce case will usually be filed in the county of the filing party’s residence. The case could be filed in the other party’s residence. But if...

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What Are The Duties Of A Trustee In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the trustee has a multitude of duties. The first duty is to verify whether the Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtor qualifies for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The trustee will examine the statements and schedules filed...

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How many cases do you handle at any given time?

I don’t put an arbitrary limit on the number of cases we handle at any particular point. It depends on the number of cases, the anticipated amount of work that needs to be done in those cases, the combination of...

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What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Arizona?

There are several types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most commonly-filed type of bankruptcy. The reason why it is so common is that it is much faster and easier than a Chapter 11 or 13 bankruptcy. Whereas a...

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