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Bankruptcy Lawyers in ArizonaWage Garnishments in Arizona

If you are unable to pay your debt, eventually your creditors are likely to start the process of obtaining judgments against you.  In order to obtain a wage garnishment against you in Arizona for credit card debt or various other kinds of debt (with certain exceptions), the creditor must first sue you and obtain a valid legal judgment against you.  Thomas Law Office can assist you with fighting the Arizona debt collection lawsuit that has been filed against you if there is a valid legal basis to do so.  This will enable you sufficient time to either reach a settlement with the creditor for far less than the balance due or prepare a bankruptcy case that will dispose of most or all of your debt.

Arizona Wage Garnishment Attorneys

If the creditor has already obtained a valid legal judgment against you, under Arizona law the creditor must wait ten business days before seizing your nonexempt assets or starting garnishment proceedings.  Also, if the judgment was obtained against you in a state other than Arizona, the creditor must register the judgment in an Arizona court before it can begin the process of enforcing that judgment against you in the state of Arizona.

However, if the creditor has already satisfied the above requirements, under Arizona law, the creditor may be able to take up to 25% of your wages each pay period.  In Arizona, the creditor can also seize funds in your bank account, except for a token amount ($300 or $600, depending on marital status).  There are a variety of other actions the creditor can do in Arizona to enforce its judgment.  This is why it is critical to see an attorney at Thomas Law Office as soon as possible, so that non-bankruptcy options may have a better chance of success.

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Just because the creditor can take up to twenty-five percent of your wages each month does not mean that it absolutely has the right to take that much each pay period.  You can contest the amount of the garnishment under Arizona law, if you have valid reasons for doing so.  Call our office to discuss your options with respect to possibly getting your Arizona wage garnishment reduced or eliminated.

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