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Lawsuits in Arizona

You may have been dodging or battling collection agencies for a long time and perhaps thought all you would experience would be some harassing calls and nasty letters.  But then it happened: you got sued!  If you are served with a lawsuit, you should contact Thomas Law Office immediately because you only have a limited amount of time to respond to the lawsuit.  If you were served in Arizona, you will have twenty days to file your response, measured from the date you were served with a copy of the lawsuit; if you were served outside Arizona, the time period is increased to thirty days.  However, it is better to see us soon after you are served, so that we can determine whether you have any valid legal defenses to the Arizona lawsuit.

Phoenix, Arizona Bankruptcy Attorneys

Sometimes the creditor is so busy suing people that certain mistakes are made.  If those mistakes are made, we may be able to dismiss the lawsuit against you or at least get you enough time to file your bankruptcy case or reach a settlement of that debt for pennies on the dollar.  Other times, the creditor may have procedurally complied with all of the Arizona rules, but in an effort to save time up front, the creditor may have failed to provide you with certain substantive information that will provide a basis for a good faith defense against that Arizona lawsuit.

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Other times, we will simply advise you to file a bankruptcy as soon as possible in order to stop the lawsuit and erase the debt, if possible.  Regardless, it is critical that you not ignore lawsuits because if you do, you will eventually (and probably sooner rather than later) receive a default judgment.  The creditor can then start taking active steps to seize assets and garnish earnings.   In his early years of practice, Mr. Thomas filed lawsuits on behalf of collection agencies and other creditors, so he knows the tricks of the trade and what it is that you may be able to do to end the lawsuit without even having to file an Arizona bankruptcy case.  Call us today for assistance with your debt collection lawsuit. We can assist you with a defense against the Arizona lawsuit and/or a bankruptcy case that will usually stop it in its tracks.

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