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Phoenix custody attorneyMany Phoenix custody attorneys have seen the negative ramifications of a child in the cross hairs of divorce. However, conscientious parents can help shield their child from some of the negative consequences by taking the following steps.

Provide Basic Necessities

Your Phoenix custody attorney can explain that your child’s basic needs will mostly stay the same during this time. He or she still needs a safe place to sleep, food on the table and clothing to wear.

Reassure the Child

A significant difference that your Phoenix custody attorney can highlight is your child’s need for more reassurance. Divorce can be an emotionally trying time for a child. Children need to know that they are loved and that their needs will be taken care of. Your Phoenix custody lawyer might also explain that children need to receive information in an age-appropriate manner. They should be told that their parents are divorcing. However, it may not be appropriate to tell them why.

Provide Structure

Children thrive on structure. Maintaining their routine schedule of mealtimes, bedtimes and curfews can help provide the reassurance that they need.

Monitor Children

Children must be monitored closely during this transitional time. Younger children might regress or their development may be stunted due to the emotional trials and tribulations. Toddlers who have been toilet trained may have more accidents than usual. However, children often recover once they feel more stable and their routine is predictable.

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