How many cases do you handle at any given time?

I don’t put an arbitrary limit on the number of cases we handle at any particular point. It depends on the number of cases, the anticipated amount of work that needs to be done in those cases, the combination of cases (generally one moderately complicated divorce case takes as much time as up to a dozen bankruptcy cases), the type of client (some require more regular contact with our office or need us to assist with things other clients do on their own), and many other factors. Over my almost two decades in practice, I have learned how to keep a proper balance of cases. I would describe my practice as a low-volume practice. Rather than charging low fees and making up the differnce in volume (and lower service), I charge a moderate fee and keep my case-load low enough so that every client has easy access to me and quality representation. When I see that we are reaching our limit, we either decline cases or bring in additional staff to handle the extra workload, depending on the needs of the potential incoming cases.

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