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What Experience Does Attorney Ronald Thomas Have In Working With Father’s In Custody, Visitation And Child Support Cases?

Attorney Ronald Thomas has been representing fathers in Arizona for almost 20 years. For the first ten years, he represented men and women at about the same rate. During that time, he noticed that representing mothers was much easier and this bothered him very much. Judges are easily convinced to give mothers primary custody.

Intuitively, he realized that discrimination was probably taking place, which infuriated him. He saw how devastated men were when they lost adequate access to their own children. He saw how devious and vindictive some mothers were – even to the point of poisoning their own children’s minds against their fathers. Therefore, Attorney Thomas decided to study how to better represent fathers. He spent an enormous amount of time researching better techniques for offsetting the inherent bias some judges may have against fathers.

After implementing some of those techniques, he began seeing dramatic improvement in his ability to convince a judge that the father is equally capable of parenting his own children. After doing this for some time, word began to spread, and Attorney Ronald Thomas began representing lots of professionals, police officers, paramedics, tradesmen, and other men of various careers who wanted an attorney who focuses mostly on representing fathers in custody cases and men in divorce cases.

If you do a Google search for father’s rights attorneys in Arizona, you’ll see that Attorney Ronald Thomas is often the first organic search result or at least on the first page. Over the past ten years, he has shifted his practice to mostly representing men. However, to remain sharp and balanced, Attorney Ronald Thomas does represent women from time to time, and when he does, they get the same level of dedication and energy he expends on cases in which he represents fathers in divorce and custody cases.

What Sets Thomas Law Office Apart In Helping Father’s Protect Their Rights?

Ronald Thomas totally understands the frustration that his clients feel. On a principal level, he strongly believes that many men are taken advantage of by our current system unless they know how to stand up for their rights. He has a deep-down passion, to ensure that his clients are treated fairly and get all the parenting time and parenting rights that they deserve.

Most men just want to have some respect and be a part of their child’s life. They resent being seen as an ATM machine by greedy exes. He understands this fully and has the experience, dedication, and the skills to best protect their interests. Though 90% of his clients at any given time are men, Attorney Ronald Thomas also represents mothers as well and when he does, he gives them every bit of as much passion and dedication and effort as he gives to his male clients. By doing this, he doesn’t fall into the trap of not seeing how the other side perceives things. In other words, when he represents mothers, he stays fresh with the techniques that are used to battle fathers. Although this benefits the mother he is representing at that time, it also greatly helps all his male clients, because he is in a better position to predict what the other side is most likely going to do.

Attorney Ronald Thomas also regularly battles firms that mostly represent women, and that experience of battling hardcore feminists is of great value to his male clients. He’s virtually seen every trick in the book and is ready for new ones as they arise from time to time. The bottom line is that he loves representing fathers and he looks forward to going to work every day!

If you are Looking For A Divorce Attorney For Men In Arizona, call Thomas Law Office, PLC for a consultation at (602) 788-1395 to get the information, advice, and legal representation you’re seeking.

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