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This depends on how you define it. You will not see me jumping up and down, screaming and loudly beating my chest in the courtroom while yelling “you can’t handle the truth.” So if you are looking for a loudmouth, you are better off looking elsewhere. It is my experience and opinion that the few loudmouths out there are usually deficient in substance and judges usually discount what they are saying because of their frequent exaggerations of the situation. I’ve had fun catching them by surprise or otherwise letting them hang themselves with their own loud in style but soft in substance courtroom style. Notably, family law cases are not allowed to be presented to a jury; only judges can hear these cases and they typically dislike the circus acts that might impress some juries. But if you want an attorney that will stand up for your rights by being prepared, believing in your case, being methodical and persistent, focusing on what’s important, doing what you want within the bounds of the law, and organizing the case in a way that judges will appreciate, then you’ve found the right person. If you want a Jerry Springer entertainment-style presentation, then you’ll need to find that in some other attorney but be careful what you wish for, as it may backfire when the judge becomes irritated or the focus is so much on the attorney that the important details of your case are overshadowed.

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