Arizona men's divorce attorney Ron Thomas

How Do Arizona Divorce Lawyers Keep Up With Changes in Divorce Law?

Of course, every lawyer has a duty to keep abreast of changes in his practice area. Attorneys in Arizona are required to undertake 15 hours of continuing education courses each year. This is the bare minimum. I often take more than 15 hours when I find courses that interest me. In addition, I attend seminars in practice areas other than my main practice areas. I believe this gives my clients an edge because my perspective is broadened. For example, in divorce cases a couple may be dividing a business. Because of knowledge I have gained from business law seminars, I probably know more than the average divorce attorney about traps for the unwary when dividing a business. It usually saves my client money as well, because a business lawyer does not need to be consulted for ordinary matters. If I think a matter is one better suited for a business specialist, I of course urge my client to seek input from that type of professional.

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