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Do you represent only Mothers or Fathers? | Father’s Rights Attorney

No. I enjoy representing either parent, although most of my clients tend to be men because of my reputation as a father’s rights attorney. I use different approaches of course, depending on whether I am advocating for the mother or the father. When representing fathers in Arizona, I am mindful that on average it takes more effort to effectively represent fathers because there seems to be a bias, a bias I can’t prove but strongly suspect exists, against fathers obtaining sole custody (LDM) in Arizona. Consequently, I use different techniques when representing Arizona fathers if there is a major child custody dispute in such cases, and this approach has yielded success for many of my former male clients. On the other hand, I enjoy representing mothers and have obtained sole custody for many of my former female clients. I don’t discriminate, although I detest the apparent discrimination many fathers have encountered in our judicial system (although things are definitely changing for the better for fathers). I will give 100% effort to my client, whether the person is the mother or father of the child.

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