Legal Separation in Arizona

couple seeking arizona divorce lawyersA married person in Arizona can file for legal separation as long as both individuals agree and as long as at least one of them lives in the state. If either party does not agree to the legal separation, then the court will order dissolution of the marriage instead. Our Arizona divorce lawyers can provide additional guidance on whether a legal separation or a divorce is best in your situation.

Types of Marriage in Arizona

Arizona has both non-covenant marriage and covenant marriage. In a non-covenant marriage, no specific reason, except the wishes of one spouse, needs to be given for a legal separation.

Our Arizona Divorce Lawyers Address Legal Separation in a Covenant Marriage

In a covenant marriage, a person can seek a legal separation for one of the following reasons:

However, the court can order alimony, child support, and visitation prior to the 12-month requirement. Either party can also file for separation if they have been separated for 24 months. Likewise, the court could also see fit to order visitation and spousal or child support prior to the 24-month requirement, especially when our Arizona family lawyers present strong supporting petitions in favor of our clients.

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